Rodney Buysse PGI Consultant

At its best, life is an active role in your life so you can be the person you want to be...


This exceptionally designed program is presented in twelve relevant, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the success mindset becomes a part of each individual's thinking, and actions, translating to a team operating together at a higher level of awareness. This results in exceptional returns on investment for your organization.

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Keys to Success


Attitude is a choice. You could be faced with a thousand problems, many or most over which you have absolutely no control. However, there is always one thing you are in complete and absolute control of and that is your own attitude.


Responsibility is a choice. I often refer to it as being the key to freedom. Your future can be everything you have ever dreamed about and then some. You have the talent and tools to experience one beautiful day after another.


There is a single mental move you can make which, in a millisecond, will solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation you will ever encounter ...

The Key Ingredient to Achieve Success

Vision. Decision. Will. Discipline. Step out and make it happen - Be Radical!

A Message From Bob Proctor

Our vision is to significantly improve the quality of lives globally by elevating the quality of thoughts individually.

Rodney Buysse

I work with people to help them find what they truly want, so they too can fulfill their life’s purpose.

I live the life that I want to live and adhere to a simple moto; make a decision to do what you truly want to do and back this decision with action.

So, what do you want? What do you really want? You owe it to yourself to find the answer to this question.

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